Your valuables can be gone in an instant, along with your cards and identification. With a Secure Sentinel membership, you'll rest easier knowing that you could minimise the risk of your cards being used by someone else. Wherever you are in the world, with just one phone call1 - 24 hours a day, seven days a week - you can have all your registered cards cancelled.
Financial Card Cancellation and Replacement Assistance2 Register your Citibank and other Australian & New Zealand credit, debit and store card details2. If lost or stolen, these cards can be cancelled and their reissue organised with one call to Secure Sentinel.
Emergency Cash Advance3 Access up to $1000 Emergency Cash Advance wherever you are in the world via over 300,000 Western Union agents, so you can continue to enjoy your holiday.
Fraud Deterrent Labels Sentinel provide you with fraud deterrent labels to affix to your valuables to help deter fraudulent use and this may also assist in their retrieval if found.
Mobile Phone Blocking4 If you lose a mobile phone registered with Secure Sentinel, they can arrange an immediate temporary block so no calls can be made from it. This block can be removed once you have your phone returned.
Lost Passport Assistance If you lose your registered Australian or New Zealand passport, Secure Sentinel can cancel it for you, and provide you with details of the nearest Australian or New Zealand Diplomatic or Consular Office.
Key Retrieval Coded key tags are provided, so if you lose your keys or car central locking remote, the finder is prompted to contact Secure Sentinel for their safe return to members.
Luggage Tags Place Secure Sentinel tags on your luggage to alert airport baggage handlers, hotel staff and even taxi drivers around the world to call Secure Sentinel immediately if they find your bags.
Change of Address Service4 Your new address details can be provided to participating service providers on your behalf. It only takes one call!
Other Important Documents and Possessions Register the details of your valuables and important documents with Secure Sentinel. It's ideal for insurance claims and police reports requiring stolen item serial numbers.
Online Vault Safely upload and store copies of important documents such as certificates, passports and wills.
Identity Guard4 Secure Sentinel will provide you with up to $10,000 cover per annum to assist you in restoring your identity.
Conveniently priced at only $59 for an Individual Membership or only $79 a year for a Family/Household membership.
Apply now or call 1800 022 043 for more information.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Toll free, excluding mobile phone charges.
2. Subject to the terms and conditions of the card issuer and Secure Sentinel Pty Ltd.
3. Subject to qualifying criteria. Emergency funds are repayable to Secure Sentinel.
4. Subject to terms and conditions of providers.